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Teacher Registration Portal

What is Teacher Registration

Teacher Registration is a programme in which all teachers in the public education system and those in private education institutions are registered. It involves the assessment of a teacher’s: qualifications and character to determine his or her suitability to educate the nation’s youth. Each teacher is required to complete a registration application prior to entering the education system.

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About us

The Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC) was established as a part of the education transformation strategy to improve the quality and coverage of education nationwide.  Its fundamental purpose is to professionalize the teaching profession. The Council advocates for the teaching profession, and its ultimate goal is for the teaching to become the profession of choice.

The establishment of JTC is a response to the Task Force on Educational Reform Report (2004) outlining the vital role of teachers in increasing the achievement levels of learners.  Specifically, the report pointed to the need for greater accountability of educational personnel and strategies that will ensure a high quality, high performing teaching profession.  The Report also took note of the existing constraints of the teaching profession, in the administrative and management structure of the education system.

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